What are the advantages of silicone bib| YSC

What are the advantages of silicone bib| YSC

The bib is used to wear it on the baby's chest to prevent the baby from getting wet or soiling his clothes when eating or drinking water. There are many kinds of baby bibs, and the appearance is lovely, which can attract the baby's attention. But only under the supervision of parents can you wear a bib to your baby, and parents had better not use bib to wipe your baby's mouth.

The material of the bib is very important. Because the bib will touch the skin of the baby's head, neck and chin, if the texture is not good, it will hurt the baby's delicate skin. Generally, there are more gauze, cotton and gum on the market, which are suitable for babies in different periods and different occasions. Mommy had better buy some for backup.

In addition to the basic elements such as material and size, pattern and color are also factors that many mommies take into account when choosing bibs. The bib with bright colors and lovely patterns can not only make mommy like it, but also attract the baby's attention, making the baby more fond of wearing bibs.

It is recommended to choose bright and dirt-resistant colors, which the baby likes and is convenient to clean. Light colors are relatively easy to get dirty.

Is the raw material of silicone good?

More and more brands begin to launch bibs of new materials, and the design of bibs made of soft glue has become a new favorite in the market. The plastic bib is convenient and durable and easy to clean.

It can catch the food that the baby dropped on the body while eating, and prevent the baby's clothes from getting dirty. And relatively soft, lightweight, can be folded, easy to collect and carry out use.

It can be in direct contact with the skin for a long time without any difference. Because food-grade silicone is a green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly silicone raw material, it is widely used in kitchen utensils, mothers and babies, gifts and other fast-selling products in Europe and the United States.

And for the baby silicone bib this product, before the product out of the warehouse is to do strict product inspection and food-grade certification, so you can rest assured to use.

Choose the right size of the bib, the most important thing is the neckline of the bib, the tightness of the neckline will affect the baby's breathing, too tight will make the baby unable to breathe, too loose will not prevent dirt very well.

In addition, it is to see whether the size of the bib is suitable for the baby's age, if you can not cover the chest, it can not play a good role in anti-fouling.

The choice of bib

It is very useful for mothers who are not diligent enough, if they are mothers who love to work, they can wash clothes for their baby every day, and mothers who do not have much time to wash clothes, waterproof bibs can be of great help, so that they can wash the smock directly to the baby, and the waterproof bib is also very easy to clean, and the waterproof effect is very good, which can prevent the baby's saliva and milk from polluting the clothes.

Bibs are also divided into many kinds according to different fabrics, and the most common one is silicone waterproof bib. This bib is ecologically designed for babies who can sit and eat, and the soft buckle at the neck makes the baby feel more comfortable. A deep bib can stop food that the baby has failed to deliver or spit out. It is easy to clean and can even be washed in the dishwasher, which is very practical for parents who have work to do.

"eating" is a top priority for the baby. In addition to eating well, it is also important to eat comfortably. Today, let's share the bib, which is essential for the baby to eat.

Bibs on the market are roughly divided into three types according to materials: one is silicone, the other is waterproof cloth, and the other is a combination of these two materials.

The above is an What are the advantages of silicone bib. If you want to know more about silicone bibs, please feel free to contact us.

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Post time: Mar-15-2022