What’s the advantage of sucker silicone bowl| YSC

What's the advantage of sucker silicone bowl| YSC

Since children can walk, many mothers will face a big challenge-eating.

When the baby enters the stage of supplementary food, every meal is like a war, in addition to dealing with small enemies who constantly resist, and finally have to clean up the messy battlefield. What I'm going to introduce to you today is the high-looking silicone bowl that can't be pulled off or broken.

The suction is stable, bowl is not easy to upset

A sucker is attached to the bottom of the plate and bowl, and the sucker is firmly fixed on the table or dining chair using the principle of vacuum adsorption. When the baby eats, he won't worry that he will spill the food all over the floor again. As long as you put it gently, it can be firmly absorbed. Simply pull up, even parents are very difficult to lift the plate.

Will it be difficult to pick it up?

No. The plate and the sucker at the bottom of the bowl have a lift design, so you only need to gently touch the lift to take the plate off easily. In this way, when glued firmly, it is convenient for the baby to eat by himself, can exercise the grip ability, and can cultivate self-care interest, so that he can develop good dining habits.

Can be directly heated by microwave oven

The prepared supplementary food can be packed and stored directly in the baby's supplementary food box. When the baby is hungry, pour it directly into the supplementary food bowl and heat it in the microwave oven. Isn't it convenient? Whether it is filled with warm milk or supplementary food, this set of tableware can be directly heated by microwave at high temperature. Can also be directly stuffed into the disinfection cabinet disinfection, do not have to worry about supplementary food bowl for a long time, the breeding of bacteria, resulting in baby diarrhea.

Integrated molding, safe and easy to clean

100% silicone material, integrated molding, mainly has the following three advantages:

1. The baby gnaws at will, does not cut the cavity.

A baby always starts to bite what it is easy to pick up. Tableware made of traditional materials not only worry about the hidden dangers of the material, but also worry about the sharp edges, which are likely to scratch the baby's delicate skin. But silicone tableware is very reassuring, soft material, the baby how to bite rest assured.

2. Baby throw at will, not easy to break, not afraid of breaking, not afraid of falling.

3. integrated molding, it is very convenient to clean.

Silicone integrated molding, the great advantage is that it is very convenient to clean, there are no edges and corners, a rush is good.

The above is an introduction to the benefits of sucker silicone bowls. if you want to know more about silicone bowls, please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Mar-15-2022